Making Your Foundation Last Longer: The Tips

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Know how to apply flawless eyeliner

Want great eyeliner, but can’t master how to do it properly? Then you have come to the right place. It took me a couple of tries to discover- I began with a dark eye pencil and gradually moved to gel-based eyeliner- but it really, really works!

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Make those annoying acne scars vanish

If your teenage years left you with prominent acne scars, this simple trick on how to smoothen your skin will change your life drastically! Forget about using makeup that’ll make your face shine as it will make your problem areas more visible. Matte is a must-have; it will conceal acne scars completely, leaving your skin soft and beautiful.

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Your nose should look smaller!

This concerns the relationship between your eye brow positioning and how proportional it is to the size of your nose. This quick tip can be a game changer for you. In, fact, after carefully observing this trick, you’ll realize that people will start telling you how nice your face looks. I am not kidding. It can really make magic on your face!

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Minimize those ugly pores

If you’ve large pores and find that applying foundation makes them look even MORE noticeable, consider this awesome tip as it will help you achieve that gorgeous look you have been dying for. It can make a BIG difference in your look, but you should exfoliate and moisturize your skin in advance, or it can end up making it look flakey and dry. Get yourself a sonic face brush, a mattifying moisturizer, and a sigma beauty Kabuki and you’ll effectively conceal those large pores on your skin.


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