The Prettiest Nails for this Summer

Красный французский маникюр с дизайном из роз на белом фоне.

Yes, it is that time of the season where everyone is classically displaying his/her toes as well as fingers, so why don’t you make yours look amazing?! We’ve sampled some of the prettiest nails, just to make your summer wow! Trust us, you’re likely to love them all and end up recreating each one of them.


Exotic princess

Summertime is all about beautifully bright neon colors, soft, or audacious floral designs, and (of course) taking chances by going the let-me-try way. And this is what the exotic princes nail design brings on the table. Just try this nail design and you’ll be instantly elated to beaches, tropical & exotic locations, as well as the impeccable blend of summertime fun!

Hands close up of young woman with watermelon manicure holding glass of orange juice, manicure nail art concept

Watermelon frenzy

A watermelon nail design is a super executive design. In fact, it makes most women hurl. Usually, the design is too much—I mean too bold, too gaudy, as well as too bright. Unlike other designs, watermelon nail design does not incorporate the common colors: white, red, plus green. Instead, the design utilizes contemporary colors and radiate a modern approach to the design.

Multicolored manicure with natural field and meadow flowers.

Flower power

If you are looking for a simple Uber-like stuff, but very colorful & freaking adorable, then you better go with the flower power nail design! This design is easy to refashion and you can color-coordinate it with your summertime outfits. The style is super soft as well as subtle, yet very stunning.

 Feathers and frill

This is a gorgeous design featuring a reminiscent of coxcomb feathers. The gold highlights are adorable, the teal backsplash is striking, and that navy blue color is set to give your looks a bit of depth in addition sophistication.


Pop wash

The pop wash design will make your friends to envy you. It’s simple, but chic, and doesn’t overpower in terms of color.

With this design, you don’t have to worry about customizing your polish or color combination, since it literally goes with almost everything.


This design has it all. It combines many nail techniques. For instance, there is the stamped gold, whitish marble watercolor (which is in the background) as well as the black floral outlines. Such a combination will give your nails a bit of sophistication & contemporary flare. It is super easy when it comes to recreating it.


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