Tips on How to Do Gorgeous Makeup This Summer

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Summer is certainly the time to relax, have fun, take it easy, and enjoy the weather. We all want to look spectacular as we take pleasure in the warm days and cool nights. But, here comes another challenge. How do you do your makeup with all that heat? How do you make it quick and easy, yet fabulous? Here are simple ways to look fresh and amazing, while bringing pops of color and sunshine into your summer time makeup routine!


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Gorgeous canvas

Looking for a great way to make your skin flawless? Begin with a bright sheer foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Whatever pleases you most, they’re all incredible options to give you a minimalist coverage so that you don’t end up looking cakey. It is cute and sheer, so your skin can still breathe. But don’t freak if you’re scared of having some blemishes or acne scars peeking through, I have a solution. Just apply a full-coverage concealer, and there you go!

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Flush of blush: The perfect option for a fashionable lady 

Now that you’ve achieved that nice flawless canvas, you want to add a hint of color to your cheeks to give your face that elegant flush. I believe peachy and coral hues are the best blush shades to wear on summer. Sure, they’re. They’ll turn you into a sexy super Diva. Give it a try and witness its beauty magic!

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Bold lips are always flattering

I really, love this trick! A bold lip can dramatically jazz up your look making it full of boldness and fun. It’s one unique makeup style that can transform a natural look you’d wear to the office into something convenient for BBQs, night outs, dinner or Ramadhan. Some great colors for summer include darker mauve, bright pink, coral, and red.



Kill it with the angelic glow 

With a classic highlighter it appears like you are gleaming from within and when the sun reflects on the makeup it really glows and looks gorgeous! You can go for highlighter liquids, powder or creams- get what suits your complexion best!


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Wrap it up with a dazzling eye liner

Add a little more glam to your look with bright colored eyeliner! You can never go wrong with purple, turquoise blue, and cobalt blue. Try them out and see how beautiful you’ll look!



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