Fix Anything With These Makeup Tricks

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Remember, I’m breaking down some of the top industry secrets for you- at times they made me feel like an insider when they were revealed to me. They’ll make you feel like you have gained membership to the artist’s –only club. Keep scrolling to find out about these secrets!


Makeup close-up. Eyebrow makeup, long eyelashes, brush.

Bobbi brown blush

Have you ever tried using a blush in the crease of your eyes before eye shadow? If not, you better start doing it. This will help warm up the look and make your eye color to pop out, particularly if you choose a blush that’s pink or rose in tone. When paired with neutral shadows, this combination will give a dramatic burst to your eye.

Beautiful female eyes with make-up and brush on white

I personally love the Hollywood glow. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to grab that nude gleaming eye shadow you’ve never used. Then, take a big brush and dust your shadow lightly above the cheekbones.


Woman applying black mascara on eyelashes with makeup brush / photos of appealing brunette girl on beige background

Waterproof mascara

The trick about this is to layer the waterproof mascara above your regular one. This will help hold the curl longer and harder so that it doesn’t easily come off. If you’re planning to use mascara, it is the first makeup you should apply after preparing your skin and not the last. By doing this, you are building around the mascara as opposed to the eye makeup and if there’s any mishap, you don’t have unnecessary layers underneath to be worried about.

Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Eyelash Extension

Black individual lash

A great go-trick for lashes is to mix several sham individual bottom lashes and utilize them as top lashes to add a hint definition to your beauty. You’ll never go wrong with a fluffy, wispy eye lash appearance. It’s all about breaking the rules and discovering new tactics to get things moving. This trick can really make your eyes look subtle and attractive.


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