Graduation Cap Hairstyles – Style It Up Like a Guru

Finally, those late nights, morning chills, and the real struggle are over. You are big now. Your efforts are about to pay off! You’re about to graduate! Yay! Bought a fabulous outfit? Woo! Now, thinking of a magnificent hairstyle to flawlessly frame your face –and perhaps your graduation cap or mortar board? You have worked very hard for that academic cap, and now you’ve to work out the ideal hairstyle you’ll wear at this commencement ceremony. You will want to look composed with a proper hairstyle that depicts your outstanding merit when it comes to style and class that goes well with your personality.


Don’t worry because I’ve got your ideal graduation cap hairstyles!

Look! Here is a revelation from graduation veterans: The cap (I mean graduation one for that matter) is quite big, heavy, and is most likely to cover most of the head (especially if yours is SMALL. Moreover, you’ll be in it from morning through to the picture-taking session. Plus, the whole upper section of your head will be jammed up. Hence, you’ll experience some side effects like lack of volume, frizz, as well as hat hair.


Don’t look back. Go with it – Here is what I’ve got to ply: Fairly concealed head, some hat hair, frizz, and slight room under the hat. But remember: The hat will remain on your head for long – so go for hair styles that turn out well with graduation hats! Also, get a mirror plus brush in your handbag just in case you require some touch-up sessions.

Real woman with beauty black hair gives a kiss

Long or Medium hair (lengthwise)


Go curls!

Curling and moosing the hair into place can work like magic. But first, remember to pull your long hair to the sides of your face – just like Shakira.

Back view of a woman with long straight hair

Flat-iron the straight!

This is a simple but gorgeous style you can try, especially if your hair is relatively long. All you need to do is straighten the locks into submission. Then position them in such a way that they are on either side of the face. Alternatively, you can position them to the side.

Young woman wearing fashionable spring clothes

Neat ponytail!

Wow, this one is simply elegant. The ponytail will help you keep it classy & neat. So, proceed like this: Wrap the hair around that elastic, then pin it beneath the ponytail for a superb chic look!

Side braids! There’re numerous types of styles when it comes to braids you can try – did somebody say something Rapunzel-inspired!? Of course, yes. Think outside the box and add flowers, accessorize with hair spins and braid it in different creative ways – get some great braiding inspiration from tutorials from YouTube!


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