Potential Halloween Dangers For Your Cats

Cute Kitten Dressed as a Halloween Witch With Hat and Broom in Cauldron

Cats are major Halloween symbols, but there’re certain things during this time that are bad for our feline friends. Thus, it is vital to familiarize yourself with potential Halloween dangers as far as our cats are concerned if you want to make the day a success for all.


Halloween candies that are toxic to cats

Halloween is all about taste — but cats don’t possess sweet teeth. However, your furry feline might be tempted to eat the high-fat content that’s found in most Halloween candies. And because certain candies may contain toxic constituents, it will be much safer to keep candies away from your cat.



 Chocolate is one of the most toxic candies for our cats. All chocolate — from white chocolate to unsweetened baking ones — are made from two potentially unsafe stimulants: caffeine & theobromine.


Common signs and symptoms of a cat who has taken chocolate include:

  • Vomiting, seizures, and diarrhea
  • Fever and muscle stiffness
  • Rapid breathing and increased heart rate
  • Lethargy and lower/r higher blood pressure
  • Cardiac failure, weakness, and coma

 Dangerous Halloween décor

When transforming your meek home into something befitting a haunted extravaganza, it’s prudent that you keep in mind your feline’s spook meter — since even the bravest and most sociable cat might get scared by noisy and animated decorations.

Remember, as much as the dried cornstalks may look festive; they might also prove to be harmful. Plus, corn husks & the silky fibers can choke your cat when swallowed since they are not easy to digest. Also, Halloween-themed balloons can be a big threat to cats. If ribbons get into your cat’s stomach or intestines, they might cause blockages.

 Those dangling electrical cords can be dangerous 

Of course, no Halloween is complete without whimsical lighting. But the dangling electrical cords used might be another danger. Common side effects of chewing on electrical cords include the mouth, tongue as well as gum burns. Under extreme circumstances, they might get electrocuted or cause bruises.

What about the flickering flames?

Flickering flames can be tempting, especially to an inquisitive paw. This can lead to burns. Try as much as possible to keep your cats away from unattended candles.


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