Manicure/Pedicure Pairings that you’ll Fall In Love With This Summer

Closeup photo of a female feet at spa salon on pedicure procedure. Female legs in water decoration  the flowers.

In this era of creative nail art, it is rare to find me wearing the same polish lacquer on my fingers and toes. In fact, nowadays color matching from top to bottom looks a bit old-fashioned. But while you might not be limited to a single hue for your manicure and pedicure, the colors you choose should perfectly complement each other and appear great side by side.


My hands are usually more visible during the day, that’s why I love using brighter and more classic colors for my manicure. From there I will choose a darker shade for my toes. The following color combinations won’t fail on you.

Colored manicure with rhinestones and pearl sequins with pink hydrangea in a woman's hand.

Pale pink with deep blue: This one is always HOT

I love the look of pink on my fingers and deep blue pedicure. You’ll never go wrong with Gushi Muchi and Plunge Pool. A coral nail looks incredibly beautiful when coordinated with a teal toe. Try Essie’s Cab-ana and Sunday Funday and take your beauty experience to the next level. The tropical beaches, as well as lime hues, are all bright, merry, and complementary.


Beautiful woman-model dressed in a big, purple, oriental style earings is showing blue and purple manicure on the nails and magenta color lipstick on the lips. Fashion makeup and cosmetic.

Lavender and ‘hot’ purple: My favorite

Whenever I feel like wearing something purplish on my nails, I use a lavender shade together with a deeper purple. It really makes me look beautiful and amazing.

Multicolored manicure with different shades of pink nail Polish on women's hand

Red and Pink: Oh, this is damn beautiful!

A red nail paired with a hot pink pedicure is the real-go to a classic mani/pedi pairing. This is never disappointing. I wear it often.

And there you go! So far have you found something good for yourself? What are your favorite color pairings? Tell me…. Hope you just found something befitting your style girl.


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