One Dog Isn’t Enough: Here Is Why

Two dogs sitting on a bench in the park

I’ve said it before: When it is all matters dogs, I tend to believe that love should be multiplied, rather than being divided. When I wanted to pursue the same route (getting a second Fido), I was first very anxious.

I didn’t know whether it was the right decision, or it would be another step towards pet hoarding. Now, three years down the line (after adopting two more), I cannot imagine how life would be without my three dogs. Here is why the risk of getting more than one dog is worth the reward:

1. The Comedy Gold

“The more the jollier” is more real with dogs than any other animal. Naturally, pooches are hilarious, so the idea of watching them interact with each other and walking in some sort of human personality breeds lots of opportunities regarding of comedy.

2. “Extra” to Play With

Let us be sincere: Did you know that your pooches know and understand each other in ways that we, human beings, simply can’t. Finally, an “extra” someone to take their jokes as well as teach new habits, too!


3. Socialization at Its Best

If you own a solo doggie who that doesn’t care about other pets, bringing another pup can be of great help. Case in point: My second dog trained my first Fido how to play and stay normal/sociable around other dogs. Isn’t that fantastic?


4. Matching Get-ups & Couples Costumes is Just Fun

Nothing better! Get your beloved dogs some matching/ coordinated raincoats or sweaters and see how people will go nuts for them whenever you walk around town.

5. We Don’t, But Dogs Do Share the Blame

And, at times, they like spreading/sharing the blame. And sometimes they can be just blatantly rude.

6. Curdling together is their strength

Dogs enjoy cuddling together, and with you as well. Guess what? They cuddle EVEN MORE during winter. Make the right choices, and get mad love from your sweet pets.

7. No master around, no problem!

One of the greatest reasons that drove me to get another pup was that my dog wouldn’t be bored when he was home alone. Now both of them are so bonded, and it’s almost impossible to tear them apart. Everything is super great between the three of us, and I can’t live a minute without them. I feel enslaved by their unconditional love.

8. Teamwork for dream work

Dogs love working together and helping each other. Moreover, they will always teach each other new tricks and things (including good & bad).


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