Cats & Car Travel 101

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There’s no doubt that cats dislike car rides. But if the necessary preparations are made, and the right equipment used, car rides can be fun and enjoyable.


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Prepare early

 Early preparations will help your cat enjoy car travel experiences. Count on those days when he is a kitten since it is the most convenient moment for him to get acquainted with new experiences. Do it when he is below 9 weeks old.

Take him on brief drives during his early weeks, so that he can get used to car rides as earlier as possible. While your feline might never become a fan of car travels, he will learn to tolerate them.

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Acclimatize him to a travel carrier

 Get his carrier in advance before the trip and remove any dust and smells by wiping it with a clean, wet cloth. Then pop it in your living room and place a towel inside. Leave it open for your cat to explore the space. You can also spray his carriers with pheromone to make it cat-friendly.

Checklist for traveling with a kitten

 Travelling with him entails preparing a host of equipment to keep your cat healthy and comfortable throughout the journey. They include:

  • Cat carrier –Cat carrier ensures that your cat is confined to a specific area. Letting him loose can be dangerous and result in accidents like getting wedged beneath the brake pedal. Use a carrier that has been specially designed for cats. It should be sufficiently ventilated and most importantly comfortable.
  • Water & food bowls – Your cat should be fed throughout the ride. So, carry appropriate water equipment as well as food bowls with you.
  • Bedding & toys –Bringing some toys and bedding will help your cat feel comfortable and minimize the chances of boredom.

Other tips

Additional helpful tips to help you during this time include:

  • Get some litter and accessories 
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Consult your vet


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