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As if an austere skin care routine, hairstyling, and 10-step makeup primping don’t keep you busy enough, you always have those manicures to think about. Seriously, the to-do listing is endless. And, whether you’ll be going to your favorite nail salon regularly or attempting a DIY sesh on a weekly basis, all that nail application process lasts for hours. So, it is no wonder that most people aren’t fanatics of the procedure. In an attempt to make things simpler, we devised a few solves for those ladies who dread having their nails done frequently.

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A tinted top coat will make you GLOW

Not ready to flatter around with color? Dislike the chipping practice? Or maybe decorating the nails is a lot harder for you. We have been there. Try tinted top coats or lip stains instead. It will give your fingers and toes a hint of color and lasts longer. You can never go wrong with the L’Oreal Paris Infallible custom-tinted nail polish. I truly love it, especially for its double-ended finish.

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Let Vaseline be your BFF

For those whose hand-eye coordination is somehow rocky, consider using a dab Vaseline on your nail beds before applying nail polish. This way, it will be easy to wipe out any fudge ups without messing things up and starting over again!

Красный французский маникюр и педикюр с дизайном из роз на белом фоне.

Nail stickers are a must-have

If you aren’t an expert in the nail lacquer department, go for nail stickers and forget the spills, the mess...Etc. You can choose a solid color or something a little bedazzled like the famous Essie stickers and stone.

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Don’t forget glitter

No joke, this nail polish can truly survive the apocalypse. It’s amazingly simple and really quick. You can just dab it on your nails without worrying about its neatness, and no matter what tasks you carry out during the day, this great stuff won’t budge.


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