This new Beauty Trend: The Watermelon

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For years now, the classical watermelon style has been considered to be the summer’s ultimate best fruit, and (to be sincere) it is actually making a strong case — talk about how it is a classical mainstay at BBQs and picnics alike. It is super hydrating and things like sticking some bottles of tequila and vodka on it to achieve a boozy summer treat are possible. In fact, it is such an archetypical summer staple, which is even roaring with force into the beauty trends. No wonder it is making a splash on social media, especially Instagram, where some of the finest creative takes (such as red and pink look) are taking the beauty industry by storm. This makes the watermelon style a fruit go.


Hands close up of young woman with watermelon manicure and fruit, summer manicure nail art and food concept

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, dare use watermelon

From patterned lids to sleek pouts (and even stippled cheeks), classical watermelon motifs are super mind-blowing beauty dare you should seriously think about.


Inspirational watermelon masterpieces

Along those lines, here’re inspirational masterpieces from Instagram if you want to achieve a juicy beauty look. Even though pink & green are not exactly your usual makeup colors, these versions might just be that push you require for an exciting summer twist.

1. Watermelon Smoky Eye

Perfectly blend your watermelon shadow to achieve a gradient look.

Red lips close up, macro photography

2. Glossed Over Lips

If you want to channel your watermelon colors with the juiciness, then you buy into the idea of getting into the ultra-glossy lips.

3. Dainty Seeds

Go nuts with the barely-there seeds that flawlessly dots your eyes’ inner corners.

4. Green liner and link shadow

This “grammer” can pair your watermelon shadow looks with a neutral pink gloss.

5. Neon hues plus a nice highlighter

Let the neon colors pop against your impeccably highlighted skin.

6. Bright lips & locks

Match your hot pink lip look with hot pink hair for a statement look

7. Glossy green plus red

If you want something featuring more elusive shades (green plus red and a muted lip), then you’re better off with the glossy green & red style.

8. 2 Lips, 2 patterns

In the two lips and two patterns, the bottom lip has a full rind detail, whereas the upper lip features a classic pink pattern. This lets you look sharp and classy.


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