Planning to Take Your Dog to a Beach Outing? Check Out the Following Tips

jack russel dog resting and relaxing on a air mattress or swim ring   at the beach ocean shore, on summer vacation holidays

It’s hot, right? And you want a classic place to relax. Check out some dog-friendly beaches where you can have fun with your four-legged friend. Dogs love running around in the sand, fetching balls, and dipping into the waves. Here are simple tips to help you and your dog have a safe beach experience.


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Let’s get into business now, first things first

It’s important to establish if the local beach allows dogs to roam free or if they should be on a leash. Some people may be afraid of dogs, so be watchful of who your Fido may be approaching to avert any sort of snafu.

Don’t leave him unattended. Remember, even the well-trained pooches can get distracted. Be mindful of the surrounding as well as any potential situations which might cause your dog to run off. Observe ALL the rules provided by the beach. Don’t be the reason why dogs are not allowed at certain beaches anymore!

portrait of a cute purebred  chihuahua who swimming

Is yours a pro swimmer doggie?

If you’re planning to bring your precious dog to the beach, you possibly know that your furry friend enjoys swimming. When you bring him to the water and he isn’t diving in right away, take it slow. Do not force your pup to go in. He might feel more confident if you jump in first and then call him. If you aren’t sure, bringing a pooch life vest along with you would be a great idea.


dog on  blue air mattress  in water refreshing

Extreme temperatures can be dangerous

Summer at the beach occurs along with two temperature extremes: sun-produced heat, and an awfully cold, cold ocean. Observe how your pup is behaving and responding while you’re together during the day since there’s a great risk for hypothermia or heat stroke. You don’t want to be that careless owner who doesn’t know how to take care of his dog. So, you better start watching out!


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