Building an Interchangeable Wardrobe: The Golden Tips

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For men with unlimited budgets, style is easy. But for the rest of us with very limited one, we have to work extra hard to look good.


Interchangeability is the key wardrobe concept any man should embrace.

It may sound complicated & tedious, but it is actually a simple idea.

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What is an interchangeable wardrobe?

An interchangeable wardrobe, which is becoming more and more convenient for most men, is one featuring fewer explicit pieces of outfits, but several possible sartorial combinations.

What this means is that each piece you buy should work with the many of your existing pieces, which can help you to mix & match in a diversity of ways.

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Not a one-time project

You cannot build an interchangeable wardrobe at once. In fact, it isn’t a one-time project. It is a process. So, you should treat the idea of building an interchangeable wardrobe as a long-term goal, and perhaps almost a mindset-kind of an undertaking, rather than a quick way of enhancing your looks!

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The golden advice: Work with what your current closet

So, the first step should be to take an honest, but holistic inventory of your current style.

Audit your drawers plus the closet and determine what will work with the new outfits, such as those old pieces you haven’t used for a while. Surprisingly, some of these pieces might be easily repurposed. But, others might be destined for either the thrift store or trash basket heap.

The power of doing a realistic assessment and adjusting the existing wardrobe

Get rid of the obvious losers. Clothes that won’t fit (even when you try adjusting them) needs to go (to the trash or thrift store). This will ensure that you’re not tempted to get them back into your wardrobe in the future.

Identify the clothes that require being repaired or adjusted while you are considering your options. To be interchangeable, everything has to be decently repaired.

Other tips

Equip yourself with the following tips:

  • Pick the items you consider “Core”
  • Learn to create uniqueness with statement pieces
  • Don’t be too generic
  • Invest in Quality

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