Applying the Concealer: How To Do It Correctly

young woman applied concealer on her eye circles

Concealer, we all love you. We cannot survive without you. But at times, you drive us crazy. One day you are trustworthy, but sometimes you slip up & expose our flaws (like throbbing and hot-pink pimples). And instead of solving our problem, you make them even worse (dark circles and crusty makeup). Where did we go wrong?


To strengthen our relationship, we have uncovered essential tips and tricks on how to apply your concealer-the right way.

young beautiful woman apply concealer under the eyes and around her nose

1. Same concealer

Don’t use the same concealer to deal with your dark circles as well as pimples. Not all kinds of concealers are manufactured equally. So, the concealer you use to hide your pimples cannot be used to take care of your dark circles.

For best results, get a concealer for blemishes plus dark spots and a different one under-eye circles. Ensure that the under-eye concealer is less dry and thick regarding texture and consistency as compared to the one for pimples.

young woman applied concealer on her eye circles

2. Apply a concealer at the right time

In the mornings, you literally cannot be comfortable until those disgusting lingering pimple marks of yours are covered up. Wrong. You need to apply the foundation first. By minimizing spots, you end up reducing the amount of concealer you need to apply. So, start with the foundation first then apply your concealer.

3. Don’t rely on the fingers alone

Fingers are handy and usually do not require a brush cleaner. And they can help you to apply the concealer. In fact, as far as delicate skins under the eyes are concerned, the finger’s warmth can provide warm makeup to help blend on easily and seamlessly. However, you should also get a mini sponge to help smooth each of the last crease and edge.


Spilled rouge and poured foundation cream on white

Other tips worth knowing

  • Remember to set the concealer with powder
  • Don’t use an expired concealer

I wish you happy moments of pimples that are never seen and the eyes that look sharp at all times.


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