Spider Leg Eye Liner Is Actually Happening And It’s Super Good!

After the advent trends like ribbon liner, the unicorn cat eyes, and the famous "knife liner," we aren’t surprised how the spider leg eyeliner made its way into the lids. It’s extreme, but trust me, this is something you should try if you don’t want to look basic anymore. It combines, among other things, the unique spider legs to give you a completely glorious as well as (gastronomic) beauty look.



Makeup artists-we salute you! Because you never stop amazing us. In particular, we are grateful because you’re now making all those worst nightmares of ours come true. For instance, we are amazed to add this spider leg eyeliner to our beauty makeup wardrobe. The eyeliner illusion mimics the spider’s legs, and (for sure) it's certain to leave that skin of yours crawling. Inspired by season 6 (of course, from an American Horror Story) poster, in which a woman is seen with spiders popping out from her eyes, this eyeliner looks set to take your makeup experience to the next level. To be sincere, we have to say it is damn close by to the original.

To master this creepy, yet amazingly chic and liner look, isn’t so hard. In fact, it boils down to generating a shadow, which makes the "legs" look like they are lifting off (in a balancing way) the cheeks. Tip: Use black makeup to paint the dark legs, and the shadows will be formed.

So, why limit your thinking to the earthly looks when there is a whole universe to explore? This spider-inspired makeup look is stunning and sure to re-create a gravitational pull for your compliments whenever you go drifting on any Halloween night. So, be inspired by this fiercely and seriously stunning spider thing. 

So, try this look, and you’ll surely make all shudder at your Halloween-inspired costume party this season.

#1-This one will creep you

This is one of the finest spider eyeliner floating on our social feed right now. In fact, it looks set to beat reverse eyeliner & bat-wing liner. It is all about creeping guys out with a spider-inspired leg liner!

#2-Not for the faint

Warning: This is not for the faint-hearted! It’s for those who really love spiders and often find them adorable.


#3 illustration

You’re spider phobia but just can't look away? Well, we’ve got you covered. This makeup only involves the illustration of your makeup.

#4-The furry spider legs and a cat on top

There’s nothing as fascinatingly as these furry spider legs. 

#5-The fierce and deadly super black widow spider

If you are after showing ‘them’ that you can be furious and deadly (like a super black widow spider) at times, try this one.

#6-The fascinating Wednesday Addams look

You want that Wednesday Addams look of yours edgier, try this striking and weirdly fascinating liner.

#7-Spider into glamorous look

Who said that you couldn’t turn spiders into dazzling makeup looks? The good side: You can still add the color of your choice, jewels, and even glitter. 


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