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When it comes to cat themed fashion, there are several styles of looks. Most notably, the cute theme with big bright eyes, a few whiskers, and a spot or two are thought of first. Think Hello Kitty style. However, cat themed fashion comes in all styles, including timeless and chic. From broaches to sweaters, scarves, and dress patterns, cat themed fashion can be very subtle or bold.

Here are just some of the styles you can wear to show off your crazy cat fashion.

An A-line skirt with a silhouette cat pattern paired with a solid shirt might earn you a second glance once the critical eye spots the cat pattern. Even though it might seem a bit obvious when looking directly at the pattern, this is a subtle and tasteful look to show off your inner cat lady.

If you want to go bold but you’re not ready to announce the world just yet how crazy you are about feline fashion, you can go with a cat pattern knee-high sock. Of course, it all depends on what you chose to wear with your socks. A black mini skirt or shorts will definitely display your bold look, but you may want to keep the secret to yourself under a pair of jeans too.

A casual sweater with a cat silhouette is also a great option, especially when paired with a jean skirt or pants.

You can also show off your cat themes fashion sense with handbags and clutches. Scarves and broaches are probably the most subtle of the choices when it comes to cat fashion, and don’t forget jewelry. Cat inspired necklaces, earrings, and rings have adorned the cat lover for thousands of years as the cat is a revered and much loved little beast.


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