Rihanna Has 7 Key Products- from Her Fenty Beauty Line

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It’s has been about a year since the beauty world heard some whispers touching on beauty ventures from one of Hollywood’s most celebrated pop star.

Just moments after she was done celebrating her newest feat, the 16-piece collection (without any delay) became available to the public for purchase at various in-store and online stores.

Well, despite the fact that she (of course, I mean Rihanna) played a central role in designing these nice products; what we (the fans) seem to adore about them is the modest pricing range ($10-$54) plus an array of color shades to choose from. So, familiarize yourself with the following top Fenty Beauty we picked, and you’ll be Rihanna in the making! 

Match Stix & Shimmer Skinstick

This kaleidoscopic makeup stick by Rihanna allows users to highlight or even blush any part of the face. Plus, it comes in ten different rainbow shades, which includes "Unicorn" and platinum lilac. 


Match Stix: The Matte Skinstick

On the flip side, if you are that guy who is not so much into shimmery shades, Rihanna just got you covered with a matte Skinstick she and her team created. This thing can be counted on when contouring or concealing blemishes. Bonus: it comes in an assortment of brown lady-friendly shades. 

Pro Filt’r: An Instant Retouch Primer

Do you want to keep that oily skin of yours at bay? Or do you want to prepare your skin for foundation? Or you simply want to see your bare skin glowing? If you are after the three of them, then this pore-diffusing high-quality primer is just the right ticket for you. 

Gloss Bomb: The Universal Lip Luminizer

Incredible! But not until you try it, pal! Well, let us start off with its other name-"Fenty Glow”! What the name suggests is that it’s a classical shimmery rose nude (but not so nude) gloss which looks & feels so good that you’ll want to know its contents. Well, it has been created from a shear butter-infused formula. 

The Invisimatte Blotting Paper

When you run around & fall victim to those disturbing slick skin, get these cool oil blotting papers to do the pick-me-up job. Extra: The refillable mirrored solid is compact and can fit inside of your clutch. 

Pro Filt’r: The Soft Matte Longwear (bi-shades) Foundation

This pro Longwear foundation is available in about 40 different shades, which make you stand out. Longwear foundation can serve all types of skins and is buildable for the skin’s full coverage. 

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

Yes, the freestyle highlighter is what Rihanna thought of giving you this fall. This cream-to-powder formula can help perfect your highlight beforehand fall-time. Plus, the best part? You can get it in solo shades as well as complimentary duos. 


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