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So you’ve booked that pinup photo shoot? Now you are freaking about how to dress? No more worries-because those pinup shoot staples might be in your wardrobe or hiding somewhere in that purse of yours. Perhaps you might be having an adored iconic pinup lady who you would love to channel or want something to remind you of your teenage life. Whatever the reason, finding refuge in pinup shoots can be fun. It can instill tremendous body confidence and reaffirm your awesome looks!


So, here’re pinup shoot staples (hidden somewhere in your wardrobe/vanity case) to help you during your pinup shoot. Just knock ‘hem dead dolls!

Pinup girl in sunglasses, selfie shot outdoors, fifties american fashion. Attractive model in pin up style

1. The Red Lipstick

Red lipstick isn’t a requisite for a successful pinup photo shoot. However, it can add a timeless, elegant look plus a sprinkle of glamour-which can characteristically finish off your ensembles. Go for a red lipstick that can complement your charming smile.

make up concept - false eyelashes

2. The False Eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes can give you

a huge surge in your confidence. Moreover, they will act like your beauty armor, thicken your lashes, and give you a truly glitzy vibe that reminiscent idolized legendary Hollywood icons.

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3. The Hair Ribbon

Channel your hair in an adorable vintage hair ribbon. You can achieve a perfect one through putting the hair in a relatively high ponytail and wrapping it with a nice ribbon that exudes the 1950s pretty.

Asian woman pose in long sleeve deep v-neck drape top and high waisted denim shorts.Asian woman pose in long sleeve deep v-neck drape top and high waisted denim shorts.

4. High Waisted Shorts

Don’t shy away from getting high waisted shorts if you want to rock in a pinup photo shoot. Wear them with an assortment of timeless pieces; adorable crop tops, tied up shirts, swimwear, underwear, and much more depending on how risqué you’ll want your pinup shoot to be.

Other must-try pinup shoot Essentials

Try these pinup shoot accessories and take your looks to the next level,

  • Peep toe heels and nautical romper
  • Pearl necklace and that '50s style dress
  • Pencil skirt
  • Suspenders/ suspender tights

Whatever your decision is regarding pinup shoot accessories, ensure that you’re comfortable in the photos.


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