Going To an Engagement Party: Here Is How to Dress

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It is that time of the year again (the perfect season you have been waiting for); the sun has survived the wintertime clouds, the beautiful flowers have bloomed, and LOVE (for your big kid) is quickly filling the air — that is right, it is real, the wedding season is here again, and this inescapably breeds the big question: What should wear to my son’s engagement party. Talk of the Instagrammed ring pictures you recently saw.


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But remember that before any wedding, they’re all these prerequisite events that you possibly didn't even know mattered before that first pal decided to say YES I DO. To be sincere, one occasion that tends to confuse most people is the engagement party. Well, experience tells me that engagement parties can range from super-casual to über-formal, indoor or outdoor. Thus the "how to dress" question is fundamentally a nightmare to many.

Now, obviously, the “what to wear” question can be equally applied to the bridal show as well as the wedding itself. However, when it comes to all things wedding, my instinct tells me that it is best that we tackle this one thing — or as far as this case is concerned, one party/event — at a time.

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The tips

Since that engagement party, you have been waiting for tends to be unclear as far as wardrobe etiquette is concerned, my thinking tells me that it is the best area to start with. Thus, what follows are few simple tips to help best decrypt what’s suitable for your BIG KIND’s engagement party.


Study the Invitation

Looking at the invitation will help you solve many things. Among them are the location, style, and the other invited guests. This will give you a clear pic on what you should wear. But remember, be yourself!

Find the location

Once you have established if the party is more formal/ more casual, your next logical step should be to familiarize yourself with the location. This will help you determine what to wear. For instance, if the location is at a small restaurant-whether it is in the backyard or by the lakeside — you better go for a pair of cool jeans matched with a button-up plus a nicely ironed blazer.


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