Styling Yuppie Clothing the Fashion-lady Way

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After graduation

After graduating from high school, so, did your outfit style. I’m sure at first, you slowly eased away. When you commit yourself to a single aesthetic for so long, it is likely to inevitably flip—so you probably went through numerous phases: bandage dresses, going-out tops, as well as micro-short skirts. Then all of a sudden (because you grew out of the diaper KID), you decided to go the serious way by investing in a Serious Adult wardrobe.


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The Bermuda shorts

Well, Bermudas can have that bad rap for, most probably, looking dated. But you can counter it with a statement shirt and trendy accessories such as a nice woven-straw purse. Don’t forget to add tassel sandals.

Casual and stylish choathing setup for women

The nautical blazer

The nautical blazer is perhaps the prettiest stuff you can add to your wardrobe. But you must play with proportions by anchoring a long shirtdress as well as a high-waisted tailored blazer.

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The khaki

The white button-down, as well as the khaki combo, is possibly the finest preppy (a slash business-casual) ensemble you can add to your wardrobe. You can also add a little floral cami. Then polish it off with a gorgeous mirrored cat eyes plus stiletto pumps.


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The printed shift dress

I sometimes shy away from prints, especially in my daily wear. But when confronted with something as good as neon seashell-patterned dresses, there is no other approach other than wholeheartedly embracing it? So I wouldn’t resist from leaning in and partnering it with patterned flares and leopard clutch in addition to pastel sunglasses


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