Spring Nail Colors & Polish Styles You Should Seriously Consider

Colored manicure with rhinestones and pearl sequins with pink hydrangea in a woman's hand.

The fashion week is one of the most frustrating things –because most of the trends we see—and often adore—do not really apply till spring rolls around. However, nail polish style knows no boundary when it comes to seasons. So, despite the fact that what you are thinking (regarding new nice nail trends) are reserved for next spring, who is interested in stopping you from jumping the gun & dabbling in the minimalist nail art or even cool manis early?



Keep reading for some serious manicure syrups that will propel you to 2018 and beyond.

Closeup woman hand with pink nails near lips. Fingernails with pink manicure

Soft Pink

You should always treat nail polish like any paint if you want surprisingly subtle and adorable results. This cloudy pink —the blend of two coats—is perfect for those who’re looking for something more feminine yet low-key (which, by the way, makes it the perfect style for a classical bridal manicure).

Close-up cropped beauty portrait of Caucasian face with nude toned make-up and blood red nail varnish

Grayscale Nails

Fact: Black is basic! True! But basic doesn’t mean dull. In fact, a matte finish plus minimalist design featuring a block in the middle of the nail will give you the almost-black modern edge you have been craving for. So natural!

Female hand with glossy brown nails holds necklace with pearls on brown background.

Moody Metallic

There is bronze, there is silver, there is gold...and now there is this silky-like pewter shade. It is faded and two-toned. It features some shades of dark pink plus gold –which look more girly. Try this modest spring nail polish color, and you’ll be saying “yes to the best.”

Красный французский маникюр с дизайном из роз на белом фоне.


Graphic Art

The graphic art is a special mod nail look that is easier than it looks. But idolized manicurists suggest that you should dispense out some nail polish and use a pencil eraser for stamping it onto your nail.

The verdict

Staying classy has never been this easy. Trying one of the above colors is surely going to take your looks to the next level!


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