Already 30+ years old? The Hair Dos and Don'ts

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Being 30 years of age can be tricky. You should know that you aren’t the only one, but those daring 20s of yours are behind you. Forever! Most of what you used to go crazy with might have to go. But others will stay-but controlled. Think of how you used to dress, party, and do your hair. I am going to talk about that latter. I’m going to dive you into how you can do your hair as far as this style-transition time is concerned.


So, here are the do’s and don’ts for your 30’s

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Don't: Get the "old mom" cut

Of course, you might be a mom now, but that does not mean you should look the part. You have the time to go short, so follow your way at least until you are TOO OLD for a long cut. 


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Do: Try a cute longer cut

The cut you choose depends on your face shape, so if yours is longer keep your hair relatively shorter but not too short. But for the rest of you, feel free to take asylum in longer hairstyles. According to experts, longer, versatile haircuts (for those in their 30s) can be elegant. You can wear a long haircut in different ways- curly, straight, or up & down to give you a more youthful vibe.

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Don't: Be hair color" crazy

Your 30s can be your turning point. You aren’t a baby, but you aren’t super mature either. So, start thinking about how you can enhance your natural beauty. In case you didn’t know, blue isn’t a natural color. (I'm speaking to guys like Juliette Lewis.) 

Well, crazy colors plus extreme changes, such as switching from super black to real platinum blonde, is likely to look cheap. Of course, cheap is okay at your 20s, but not when you are a “woman of substance” at your 30s. 

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Do: Natural in terms of hair color

Fear not, anybody at the 30s can still color her hair. All you need is to match it with your skin tone. 

Other do’s and don’ts you should know

  • Don't: Get too braid
  • Do: Inject a little fun into your looks
  • Don't: Damage your natural hair
  • Do: Amplify up your shine with little accessories

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