Show Your Dog's Political Side

A Beauceron and Australian Shepherd mixed breed dog walking in an urban park with a red chew toy in its mouth.

OK, despite the YouTube videos out there showing how pets react to "The Donald" in office, dogs probably don't really care who sits in the Oval Office. However, you as a pet parent might have an opinion on the matter. Whatever your feelings you can now share them off with your favorite four-legged friend. "The Dognald" is a plush squeaky toy made to resemble 45th President of the United States. Nearly indestructible orange hair and reinforced seams make this plush an excellent choice for the terrorizing Terrier in your life.


Dog swimming in the river carrying a ball

Power chewers, like my Sam the American Bullador mix, would probably chew right through this plush toy in a matter of hours, if not minutes; so, I'd probably label this a feisty dog's toy. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing a little Dognald versus puppy show down myself. One of the best features in this squeaky toy is the squeaker. Unlike other squeaky toys that have high-pitched squeakers inside, c" has a low-pitched grunt sure to get your politically-minded pooch geared up for fun.    

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever lying down and looking at its toy, isolated on a white background

This toy is made exclusive by the Barkshop, and if your political side leans in a different direction, there's always the Hillary plush toy too, but that's a little outdated now. If you find it all a bunch of foul-smelling malarkey why not settle for "Brownie the Happy Poo Dog Toy?" In case you're wondering, that is the poop emoji, and yes, you can buy a plush poop emoji for your dog. The Barkshop has several other plush toys that will excite both your dog and you and who knows, perhaps even "The Dognald" will become a fast favorite to terrorize around the house.


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