Here Is How You Can Style Different Kinds Of T-Shirts

White tshirt hanging on a pink hanger in a white wall

Let’s give T-shirts some seven cheers. Once considered lazy-day favorites, they’re now making their way into your wardrobe-as the workhorse. Case in point: can act as your weekly menu. Let us take you to where you belong if you want that design menu featuring different types of t-shirts for the whole week.


Monday is all about crewneck

This is a classic T-shirt, and it can be very unfussy. This explains why it will pair so nicely with any exaggerated A-line featuring a fun pattern.

Tuesday loves the V-Neck

This is a common type of T-shirt. It features a slight plunge that balances your wide legs.


Wednesday is an Oversize day

On Wednesday, go oversize-because oversize can be sexy, too. So, get a boxy shape & a quirky equestrian print since it helps bridle the sultriness of anything pencil-like (such as a ribbed pencil skirt).

Thursday will welcome all things Rocker

For Thursday, get a bravado-a cut slim rocker T-shirt. This band shirt, from its looks, is tailored under a blackish blazer.

FRIDAY is a sexy day, so why not go Cropped?

Cropped is the real deal for Friday, a day commonly branded as member’s day. The cropped type T-shirt is shrunken and features breezy culottes as well as strappy beach sandals in tangerine. 

Saturday is a lazy day. So go off the shoulder

Wow! Get this OTS thing for your Saturday and get casual. Then let the vibe glow by slipping in a fringe-trimmed skirt plus gladiators. 

Sunday and the graphics?

Graphics can be classy, especially when walked into the t-shirt world. In fact, it can be comfy, casual--and chic. It’s elegant, especially when you pair it with a Kelly green maxi.


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