Now You Can Wear These Sunglasses And Look Wow!

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Seasons and trends alike do change. Certain classics tend to carry forward, but there’s always a new thing out there. And yes, classic as well as trendy pieces all have own spot. But you should take your personal style plus ‘dare’ level into consideration. So, here is the opportunity to go through our picks and choose your perfect match.


The (slightly) bold

You are that woman who isn’t daring and not faint at heart, outgoing & adventurous, go or this style.

Round Sunglasses

Just call them J. Lennon glasses or the tea shades or even circle-like sunglasses, it’s hard to conclude that they don’t bring that retro charm to your looks. They’ll instantly lift your looks into an interesting and classic one. So, go sport those nude lips of yours with some round sunglasses on a regular day, and you’ll look sensationally sexy and stylish.


Oval Sunglasses

The oval hype is back: Thanks to the new design that features bolder and more prominent frames. Moreover, lenses’ finish is reflective or graduated and anything in between. These frames can be great, especially on a square or even angular face. Pro tip: Go or a neutral tone which can be paired with many.

Colored sunglasses

This season bold-hue your eyes with colored sunglasses. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t mean the eyeshadow. No. What I mean is your sunglasses. Frame and lenses are designed with the same color. Straight from stylists: Don’t shy away from matching your sunglasses with your attire, or go crazy by contrasting it. Either way, it will work. So, don fear to radicalize your looks and get a subtler effect.

Cat-eye Sunglasses

Wow! What do we have here girl? Something retro & classic pin-up shape that is getting the public fascination! Well, these glasses stand so revived that everything including the shape looks ‘so normal.’ Bolder than the average sunglasses, these pieces possess exclusive style quotient to make anyone stand out.


Other inspiration includes

  • Reflective Sunglasses
  • Square Sunglasses
  • Contrast frame Sunglasses
  • Odd Shaped Sunglasses
  • Striped / Printed Sunglasses
  • Embellished Sunglasses
  • Floral Sunglasses  

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