Incredible and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Beautiful woman with halloween sugar skull make-up and flowers in her hair.

Exactly when did the so-called Halloween start being much pressure? Let’s flashback. Back in the day, designing a scary monster / cute fairy princess costume meant a lot of fun to us. However, as time went by, Halloween costumes started getting more and more stressful. Talk of the hair, the apparel, the makeup—it was all anticipated to blend like a super pro.


A stressful ordeal

At times, Halloween can blow you up. Yup, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, like most of you the Halloween lovers, I love the thing from the bottom of my heart, but landing on a perfect costume can be a daunting task. Everyone is seems to look fantastic, and there is the fear of being a total Halloween amateur. Banks are broken, and hours burned just searching for that ultimate Halloween costume.

Go slow on your spending—because we are crazy over here with mind-blowing cosmetic ideals

Why spend junks of money on a costume that somebody else will inexorably be wearing, yet you can make your face be an incredible attraction to your outfit?

So, unless you’re after resurrecting the same old enchantress costume, which you’ll have to fall back year in year out, you better commence nailing down the options you have. To inspire you, I’ve rounded up incredible Halloween costume tips and cool ideas you need — from where else? — Of course, Instagram. You can achieve some of the greatest looks by just using some glitter in addition to lipstick, but you’ll require some skill to nail everything down for the rest. Whatever your level of cosmetic expertise, you are bound to get your ultimate costume yet ahead.

Provided you already own an arsenal of classic beauty products like us, we guarantee that these styles will be more interesting than purchasing another sexy costume.


1. No mask, no problem

Who needs those heavy, hard-to-see and out-of mask when you can just use what you already have-the makeup? Well, I know you are that guy who loves experimenting. If yes, then just dig into the makeup artist who goes by the name Michelle Agustin. She has a thing that won’t go wrong for you; the Mad Hatter-inspired look costume.

2. Feline-meet-skeleton style: I choose you!

Wow! We have something intriguing here. I dare you to try the feline-meets-skeleton authentic makeup, which is seriously spooky (don’t be an afraid diva) — especially when accessorized with the circle lenses.

3. The foodie style

We are just like kids with this style, and we’ll never ignore a chance when it comes to playing with food as adults. You too can rock everything with this play-with-food-inspired look.

4. Mystique's superpower

Mystique's superpower can be a shape-shifter — and if you’re so sharp “up there” to master this style, yours will be AP-level artistry.

5. Make-up only costume

For those who are looking for an ideal makeup-only costume, we are just thinking about you. We have something in Lichtenstein-stylistic Pop Art to get you going.

6. Bulbasaur

Kimberley Margarita knows how to rock and do it when it comes to Halloween art. In fact, her hair, as well as makeup, are straight from the Candy Land.

7. Cheetah costume

Get a face paint, a nice eyeliner, plus a shadow lying around. Then do the DIY cheetah costume which is the easiest ever.


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