What's a White Tie Affair and Other Dress Codes

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Almost every occasion calls for a dress code. Not knowing what to wear can add stress you don't need. If you know the type of event you're going to you can assign a dress code fairly easy if the invitation doesn't specify. If you're not too clear on the type of event, never feel silly asking a few pointed questions to surmise the dress code. Or you can just plain ask, "how should I dress?"  Here are some dress codes defined and when it's right to wear them.


Casual or Holiday

Oh, we love this style, especially the men. It's what you're most comfortable in outside of sweatpants. Casual ranges from jeans to shorts with tee-shirts, flip flops or tennis shoes. Belts not needed but sure come in handy sometimes. Casual as the event is, no one wants to see the "plumber's crack." This style is perfect for the game day get together's or girl's night in.  


Business Casual

Yeah, it's got casual in the code, but it's also got business in it too. So, denim is out guys. Think khakis and cotton long sleeve shirts. Polo shirts are also acceptable and bring your belt. Ladies, heels are not necessary but no tennis shoes for anyone. Most corporate dress codes are business casual unless they are client facing in industries like finance and sales.  


This dress code is not your average look today. Think six-figure interview formal wear. Ladies, pant or dress suits with blouses. Men, time to get suited up and make sure you include the tie and belt. Your accessories should also match your shoes and ladies, don't go crazy with the jewelry. Understated and subtle is best.


If Casual/Holiday dress is most men's favorite code than cocktail may be the ladies favorite dress code. We don't always get to dress up, but we're sure to have a semi-formal event here and there. Commonly, these occur at the end of the year for holiday parties or evening out events like the theater or a night time wedding reception. Cliques like "the little black dress" come to mind for the ladies and add evening heels, not your average work heel. Feel free to dress your style up even more with long earrings, chokers, and simple ornaments for your hair. Men, go dark suit with a white shirt, and silk tie.  

Black Tie

These events are usually specified, and we can expect to see a room full of James Bond look alike in stunning tuxedos. And with them, the Body girls long, elegant evening wear. Don't forget the updos and the diamonds.   

White Tie

Count yourself lucky and be sure to R.S.P.V. if you're ever invited to a White Tie Affair. These events are held in honor of dignitaries such as Kings, Queens, and the Pope. Men are required to dress in white ties and coats with tails. Ladies, wear your best long, elegant silk dresses and the long satin white gloves are also needed here.  


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