The Detroit Pit Crew Rescues Puppies from Facebook Seller Advertising Puppies as Dog Fighters

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Here’s another story of Facebook being used for cruel and criminal intent. It’s a shame there are always those few that ruin things for everyone.


In this Facebook story, two puppies were being sold on Facebook for dog fighting purposes. Fortunately, a rescue group, the Detroit Pit Crew, recognized the intentions and stepped in.

Concerned animal lovers notified the rescue group about Facebook posts showing puppies for sale being held in an inappropriate manner. This raised a red flag and the group started reading through the posts. It turns out, there were people commenting about using these puppies for dog fighting.

The Detroit Pit Crew immediately contacted the seller and purchased the puppies for $150. The Crew didn’t want to jeopardize the sale so they didn’t reveal their identity to the seller. They did, however, share screen shots of the Seller’s Facebook page to “put the man to shame.”

“If you post stuff like that, we are going to make you famous and not in a good way. It’s going to be in a bad way,” one of the volunteers stated.  “Everybody is going to know who you are.”

No one is facing charges — but the two puppies, Hazel and Gretel, are in good hands.

The Detroit Pit Crew (DPC)

The Crew is a 501©(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue destitute dogs in Detroit, Michigan. These volunteers work together to get stray, injured, pregnant and destitute dogs off the street. They spend most of their time out in the streets of Detroit trapping strays and rescuing dogs out of desperate situations. The Crew also rescues dogs that have been used for dog fighting or as bait dogs in fighting rings.

Every dog that is rescued is immediately examined by a veterinarian. If needed, these rescued dogs get basic vaccinations, a heartworm test and basic temperament test. Once they are vetted, they are placed in either a temporary foster home or one of the shelters they partner with. The animals are also spayed and neutered.

“Straight Outta Detroit” Project

Rescuing and trapping destitute dogs found on the streets of Detroit consumes the Detroit Pit Crew’s time. They do not have the resources to serve as a dog adoption organization, too. In November of 2015, in an effort to find safe placement for all the dogs that are rescued, the Detroit Pit Crew partnered with some of the best shelters and rescues around the state of Michigan who were willing to accept their rescued dogs and arrange for adoptions.

Determining who the best shelters were, they pulled every shelter report from the entire state and went through each one, picking only the shelters with the best records to partner with. These shelters were happy to offer their help support.

The project has been very successful. Since the project began, “Straight Outta Detroit” has transferred countless dogs to their shelter and rescue partners throughout the state of Michigan.


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