Plastic Bags Are Not Toys

Funny Grumpy Cat in a Plastic Bag, studio shot

How many times have you heard or said this phrase in your life?  “Plastic bags are not toys.” Children eventually learn or become bored with the plastic bags, but a cat is a different creature. Cats are very attracted to plastic bags; mostly likely because of the sound a plastic bag makes.

Plastic is absolutely enticing to a cat. Here are some of the main reasons your cat might be interested in plastic:

  • The crinkle sounds it makes
  • The food smells left over from what was formerly in the bag
  • Biodegradable bags are made of cornstarch and cats go crazy for cornstarch. Who knew?
  • The texture is exciting
  • Chemicals on the plastic behave like pheromones
  • A mental short circuit from not getting proper nutrition and seeking it elsewhere


Whatever the reason why cats love to chew, lick, sit, and play with plastic bags, these items are not toys. Swallowing a plastic bag is extremely hazardous to your cat’s health and life-threatening for obvious reasons. If your cat is trying to eat the plastic bag, perhaps she’s not getting proper nutrition, and you may want to take her to the vet for testing.

Young alley cat searching through some rubbish

Cats can also get stuck in plastic bags. Getting tangled up in a plastic bag is scary and dangerous. Your cat might panic and make it even worse for herself. The reason we warn children of the dangers of plastic bags as toys is the same reason we need to keep plastic bags away from our cats. Cats might get too excited playing in the bag and find themselves suffocating inside. A sudden panic or inhalation of plastic could happen and make this even worse. 

If you still bring home plastic bags from the grocery store, be sure to put them up as soon as possible once the groceries are all put away. This will help reduce the chances your cat will see a plastic bag as a toy. Remember, plastic bags are not toys.  



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