Who Said That Oversize Can’t Be Gorgeous?

Fashion composition with oversized jacket, denim shorts, and blue t-shirt, isolated on white background.

Well, as it seems, the street-style religion is seemingly reading from the same page: Talk of all matters extra-puffy puffers, the sleeves, things that are as thick as blankets, and anything in between, we’ve rounded up incredible oversize and layer-friendly outfits to inspire you this fall.


An oversize massive sleeve

Get an oversize massive sleeve because it’s almost double than that cozy blanket of yours. Plus, it’s very sexy.

Oversize parkas

Oversize parkas can be all you need this season. So, go for something that is rich regarding tone (for instance, a contrasting classy olive green & navy style). Then pair it with an ankle-length tulle maxi skirt if you intend to create more volume.

Why not try oversize lapels

Ditch the tailored suit and embrace a roomy, oversized silhouette—double-breasted, and exaggerated lapels.


What about that big, bright puffer?

Well, this one might interest you-especially if you want to add a dosage of color to that go-to black & white look you have been looking for-because a big, and bright puffer does exactly that.

Break the rules with covered-up shapeless dress

Don’t fear! Be brave enough to slip in the covered-up and shapeless dress. Pro tip: If you get something featuring a contrasting turtleneck plus killer accessories, you might end up turning it into your new favorite.

Let the sporty sweatshirt do the talking

Consider slipping in the sporty sweatshirt and link it up with a sleekly designed midi skirt, a slouchy jacket, as well as a pair of metallic boots.

A boxy jacket plus matching cropped pants

Get a big boxy jacket and a matching cropped pants to achieve one of the most underrated oversize outfits.

Jacket plus baggy trousers

A quilted jacket can wonderfully match with a pair of super-baggy trousers in addition to dark knits.

Long sleeve

"Structure" & "oversize" aren’t mutually exclusive closet concepts: In fact, getting an extra-long sleeve might end up being the perfect match to your high-waist pencil skirt.

Oversize sweaters

Who said that you cannot look sexy with oversize dressing? Well, try swapping a dress with an extra-cozy, larger sweater.

Loose maxi

Get a roomy beige coat. Continue by cuffing the sleeves, then belt up the waist, and finally throw the result over that favorite loose maxi of yours.

Other ideas

  • A zipped-up & tracksuit-inspired dress
  • Over-the-top, cool cocoon coat


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