Incredible Braids Perfect For Graduate School Morning Do

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You have selected the outfit, bought the school materials and readied her backpack. And now you are trying to figure out how to go about her hair! Well, we want to make your morning struggle a little bit bearable. We’ve unique, kid-tested as well as approved styles that can surely turn THE heads — while making her hair more elegant — at school.


Mother is making of braids on little daughter's head. Hairdresser is braiding the hair on a young girl. Getting ready for school.

Low updo

If you have been looking for a deceptive easy hairstyle that injects glamour and fun to your kid’s looks, then you better stop the bus at low updo. The low updo is ideal for school girls who’re so much into formal events, such as music festivals.


The chignon hairstyle is sweet — and, of course, complicated — but quick and easy to do. It's ideal for ballet class as well as an average day when she wants to get the hair off the face.


Flower braid

Teenagers undeniably love the flower braid. It is easy to do and can be mastered quickly. To make it, pull her hair (using your hands) into a half-up style. Then secure it with an elastic band. Separate the hair that is above elastic band and loop the half-pony using the opening. Braid the hair and then secure it with a thin elastic band. Finally, roll-braid it up to make a wheel and secure it with bobby pins.

Messy pigtail buns

This nice rendition of pigtails can be adorable & functional. So, if you want a special twist, then find refuge in this style for something classy and unique. It is ideal for your girl, especially on a day packed with outdoor activities. Proceed like this: separate the hair down the center and style two high ponytails. Pull the hair half-way via the end to create two looped buns. Then pull separate hair pieces (of course, around a hair tie) to make a circle. Secure it with bobby pins and accessorize it with nice bows or ribbons.


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