How to Stay Modern Now: The Best Wardrobe Accessories

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Do you still enjoy getting dressed like you used to in your early thirties? Or, has your self-esteem flopped a little? Let’s face it, your body is changing, your lifestyle is changing, and there could be several pieces in your closet that don’t seem to have a purpose anymore. Yes, things do change in this life. But, there’s always something new to look forward to: a new relationship, an exciting adventure, or a new job.


The following tips will help you redefine your wardrobe:

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Introduce new details

You might be making yourself older by wearing that conservative, plain look. Come on! You don’t deserve that, who said old people shouldn’t look beautiful! If you want to look modern and interesting, dress in an interesting way. Add a long pendant necklace, a vibrant mixed-print blouse, and a small scarf to your wardrobe and double your elegance.

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Add more color and pattern

If you’re used to wearing neutral garments, consider adding a bold-colored blouse below your jacket, or wear a leopard-print sweater over the plain blouse. Introduce some classic fall colors in your shoes, jewelry, or purse… that is sure to add more fun to your style. Think of shades like nudes, seasonal reds, electric hues, and harvest colors. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget about texture. For instance, you can pair your clean-lined blazer with a ruffled blouse. Now that is fun!


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Improve your denim

Remember, denims don’t get old; they just get reinvented. It’s time you upgrade your denim to a more stylish design. Some of the ancient styles are back, and it is okay to be using them again. Did you know that flared denim jeans have returned to the market? If you already know that, why not get yourself a classic boot cut which tapers tight into your knee and then flares up slightly. Add these pieces to your wardrobe and you’ll never go wrong with your style. In fact, they’ll make you look younger and attractive.


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