It’s Your Duty to Make Your Cat Happy and Comfortable

man stroking a small kitten

How do you tell if your cat loves you? These special creatures have unique ways of expressing their love: bringing you gifts, waiting patiently for you to return from work, and “helping” with house work or reading. But how do you give back the priceless love you kitty shows you? Try the following tactics to make her love you even more.



Cat hunting for  little gerbil mouse on red table. Russia.

Cat and mouse games work like magic!

 Your cat’s claws aren’t just meant for wreaking havoc on upholstery. Cats are skilled hunters; they have an inherent sense for battling with prey. And your kitty loves honing those skills too, especially with you serving as her training partner. Worried about how to do it? Relax, this is very easy. Toy mice, strings, and laser lights can work pretty well for your cat. There are thousands of cute, fun, and affordable toys available in the market to help your kitty stay active and happy.


Cute soggy kitten after a bath in pink towel

Help her stay fresh and clean

 kitties are fussy animals. They’re constantly grooming their bodies and cleaning their fur. In fact, they want to clean everything. But an indoor kitty depends on you to keep all household items clean, fresh, and smelling sweet. Most importantly, they love keeping the toilet clean. Lucky enough, this is easy for you: buy a self-cleaning litter box for her and she will love you deeply for it.



wet cat food

Purr-fect snacks will make her fall in love with you again and again

 Nobody doesn’t love to snack, even your cat does. But she relies on you to choose what’s good for her, so be responsible. She will go crazy for freeze-dried chicken or lamb. Pampering her with such delicacies will make her reward your efforts by living a longer and healthier life for you.


Cute cat hugging an old man in village outdoor. The man touching the kitty with his hand.  They are in a house yard at sunset. Closeup

Show your kitty the L-O-VE

It isn’t hard to earn your cat’s love. But to achieve this, you need to consider a few things. A safe, comfortable sleeping place is a must-have. A cat bed or cozy cushion is all your cat need. A high-quality diet, regular vet visits, love, and kindness will make your cat know that she is truly loved. They’ll make her feel like she’s the center of your universe.


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