Check Out the Best Makeup Styles for This Fall

Young beautiful woman with long hair posing and smiling over blue background. Fashion and beauty concept in studio.

Fall’s beauty trends are simply amazing: electric eye shadow flounced over the eyes, metallic pigments applied using elegant Renaissance painters, and berry lipstick beautifully over the lips. There’s one prominent texture- metallic, in all shades. We aren’t just referring to a dab of silver applied around the eyes. Metallic shades are also swept across the lids unapologetically, a strong beauty statement that mirrors the diva-power message.


Blend gold, red, and black shadows into a gorgeous eye look that’s equally impressive. I love the fact that it looks uniform, but it isn’t the same color. You can be an amalgamation of exotic makeup styles, all done in rich, warm colors, ornate prints, and metallics. With all these products, your beauty look will be a no-brainer.

Black shadow and silver pigment

OMG! This one will make you rock! Sweep black cream shadow all around your eye and carefully extend out along your lower lash line. Then dash some silver pigment below the eye lids, and accentuate the top lids with a hint of metallic copper. This is an inspirational makeup trend, for sure. When wearing this, nobody should ‘mess with you’ because you’re looking HOTTER than ever!

Close up of female eyes with beautiful make-up

Glitter eyes never cease to amaze!

Sleek hair with gold glitter eyes will just look cool on you, especially when paired with oversize hoop earrings. A little contouring will enhance the warm glow of your face. Remember to swipe a pink-nude shade on your lips for a slick finish. If you want a bold eye, try layering your favorite lip liner; a single lipstick color with two eye shadows.


Beautiful woman-model is showing silver and rose manicure on the nails, rose lipstick and smokey eyes style make up. Makeup, cosmetic and posh jewelry earrings.

Black smoky eyes will make you stand out

Black, smoky eyes featuring some glitter would give you a magnificent look. Tapping on two distinct micro glitter shades in gold and silver will make your eyes to appear delicate, attractive, and even softer. They’ll look fit for classic romance, not just clubbing or disco eyes!


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