Give Me 10 Minutes I Show You the Power Of These 4 False Eyelashes On Your Photos

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Don’t let your eyes let you down during photo-taking sessions

Photo taking session can be a nerve-wracking experience. But with the following four types of false eyelashes, you’re sure to rock.

There is a reason why celebs look startling in photos. Well, there’re lots of reasons for this: One, they are genetically favored or blessed for that matter, two, they’ve got a dedicated glam team...and the list goes on and on. But, they do know exactly the eyelashes to make them pose perfectly like queens—that anyone, including you, can try—that will make you super flattering in pictures. We asked experts to spill their secrets to the eyelashes to make someone look fantastic in pictures.

So, flutter & wink your way to the following heaven-made falsies, and you’ll be wow in photos. 

Pro tip 1: Before considering the type of eyelashes, think about the shape of your eyes. For small eyed guys, consider eyelashes that can spread out as well as wispy. On the flip side, (I mean those with larger eyes), you can get away with lashes that are fuller & more dramatic.

Pro tip 2: If you are a newcomer in the falsie sphere, feast your eyes on the following mind-blowing types of eyelashes. 

Natural Lashes

If the name itself does not give it all away, these types of lashes are specifically meant to mimic that natural eyelash pattern of yours and add some extra length & curl. Also, they are sparser to easily blend your lashes with synthetic hairs. 


Full and Glam Lashes

If you want to go completely glam for that next big event/ night out you have been waiting for, then think of something full and glam lashes. Brands such as Huda Beauty as well as Velour Lashes are famous for their full & fluttery eyelash collections. Remember, voluminous strip lashes tend to possess a bigger band, so if your eyes are sensitive, stay away from them. But, when correctly applied, they should make the eyes look bigger. However, for smaller eyes, try to clip the ends –otherwise, they will block your view.

Individual Lashes

Here comes the individual lashes, a slight improvement from the strip lashes. If you’re a beauty lover who is crazy for continuing lash pay-off and don’t want to reapply them on a daily basis, then you are reading something worthwhile. They come in short, medium, as well as long lengths-so it’s upon you to choose your style. But, you should take into consideration your eyes’ shape first before choosing.

Individual Flare Lashes

The individual flare lashes enable you to add some extra sexy, semi-permanent volume to that beauty routine of yours for some months because they possess more voluminous custom lashes. They will look thicker & inviting giving you oodles of extra length as well as curl to those eyelashes of yours if installed appropriately.


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