Why Your Kitty Thinks You Are Unbearable

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I love my cat like crazy, but sometimes he gets underneath my skin. I’m not the only conflicted pet fancier. Tony Buffington, a renowned vet at Ohio State University recently told me that most cat owners are relentlessly frustrated by their furry companions. Although we feed them, groom them, and hug/hold them, few of us take time to listen to our feline friends. And this can make things even more exasperating for them than for us. No matter how we love our cats, they’re still our captives, domestic aliens with no specific way of explaining their customs or interpreting ours.


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Learn to listen

Learning how to listen to your cat can be very helpful for both of you. This isn’t just a trick to achieve more cuddle time, but a trick to create a more melodious home that could significantly boost your cat’s overall health. For many years, researchers have been studying the exact causes of interstitial cystitis which affects the feline bladder tissue. And they found that a hectic home environment might cause the condition. It’s believed that the most effective cure is learning to listen to your precious kitty, giving him options, and minimizing the environmental factors which prompt his stress response.

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Be kind and gentle; shouting won’t help

You hear your cat make sounds of claws on the couch, and you snap, squirt water, and shout harshly. It is all futile because ultimately he will be back to it again. Your kitty isn’t ignoring you; he just doesn’t understand how to connect your negative reactions to his behavior. Cats evolved as introverted hunters with minimal attention to reading social cues, particularly those regarding behavior modification. So, be kind and gentle to your pet, don’t harass him because he’s innocent. If only he understood what you’re saying, he would have respected your reinforcement.

Your cat doesn’t understand your outbursts

How the hell was he suppose to know that you are shouting at him because you’re disappointed in him scratching the couch? Because he lacks the cognitive ability to interpret your outbursts, your cat only sees chaotic aggression.


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