Magical Life-Changing Lipstick Tips

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Makeup inherently looks magical. Use the right under-eye concealer, and the dark circles will vanish. Apply a few raps of mascara, and your eyelashes will grow in a matter of seconds. Then there are these color-changing pH lipsticks, which can take three colors in the tube-blue, green and black, and transform (in seconds) into a flattering, mind-blowing flush on your lips.


There is a lot to know as far as how to look like a queen in your makeup. So get the tricks right, and you’ll get the heads turning.

The power of multi-user product

Master a multi-use product in your makeup routine to achieve a cute look, save you time and money. So, have an incredible fuchsia cheek color, which you can pop on your lips and cheeks.

Whether you’re having a fair or have a dark skin tone, pink will always work to enhance your style. Choose something creamy, opaque pink featuring some gold in it to brighten your face. Then, use a moisturizer, but don’t blend it on your cheeks.

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Go eye cream

Dark circles are a beauty curse since they can make you look pale and tired. So, if you want to get wide-awake looks, try preparing the areas under your eye with a hydrating and fast-absorbing cream that’ll permit products to penetrate smoothly. Then proceed by applying a corrector to help cover the purple/ green tones in your skin. The next step should be to follow with a quality concealer and set the under eye area using some pale yellow powder since this will help everything last a bit longer & prevent creasing.


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Try a bold red pout

Let us face it: There’s nothing more appealing, seductive, and mind-blowing —or feminine for that matter —than a real bold red pout. If you are a girl who understands fashion, then chances are that you understand the importance of a hot, red lip. So, start off with a sharp lip liner, but it should correspond to the color of your chosen lipstick.

Other helpful tips

  • Create cute eye makeup looks with a liquid liner

  • Sweep a little sheer shimmer powder along your cheekbones’ top but just under your temples.

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