The Best Color Combos

Close up of freshly painted nails done in purple on hands and feet besides loose flower pedals and a lit candle

There are two types of ladies – those who are for matching colors & those who aren’t.


Well, while matching the hand nail color to your toes comes with lots of merits, there is something so special about wearing 2 different colors on the top and your bottom digits.

But the problem is, which shades should you opt for? Attempting to coordinate your hands and toes can be confusing; which is why we got expert advice.

Manicures & pedicures do not have to match with the same shades. In fact, what might look nice on the hands may not suit your toes (plus your shoes).So, why not mix it up?


Hands and feet with pink manicure and pedicure with delicate daisy isolated on white


The nude hues on your nails plus the red on your toes can work brilliantly together, thus, creating a look that is gorgeously contrasted and classy. So, go out there and try this incredible combination for a redefined look.


Pedicure and manicure in the salon spa


Experts recommend sporting a pastel mauve, pink or even coral on the hands and a darker or bright purple or orange on the toes to create something sophisticated and contemporary. However, you should only stick to tonal groups when doing this to make your looks appear more cohesive.

Colorful nails of hands and feet in the water


Wear together complementary colors (those that tends to sit opposite to each other on a color wheel) to create a stunning and lovely effect. Even though you are wearing opposite colors have some consistency. For instance, if you like a crème color, ensure to apply it on both fingers as well as toes. Alternatively, those who love a frost finish can opt for both.

beautiful brown manicure and pedicure on the bamboo


Neutral nails that have been mixed with some black can be classy for the autumn and winter season. A black pedicure plus nude manicure featuring thin black tips and French can look fabulous. So, try them today and let your shininess do the talking!


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