Layering Your Nail Polish Colors Made Simple

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We have all heard about the snooty beauty product claims: serums featuring wrinkle-erasing crystals, foundations that last 20 hours, and, of course, gel-like nail polishes which don’t require the damaging removal process. If you are anything similar to me, you probably own some nail polish bottles. Sure it is tempting to purchase a different one, but still, you can unique colors by tactically layering two, three, or four of your existing colors. And you may be a little bit skeptical- because if it appears too good to be real, it probably is.

This sounds very easy, but there is a complex strategy involved. In the past few years, inexpensive nail brands have seriously boosted the ante in terms of efficient, user-friendly brushes and shades that deliver absolute opacity with a single swipe, and ludicrously shiny top coats. Here are great suggestions that can help you layer your nail polish to make color magical.

Check out the color wheel:

Hope you already know that touching colors make a good combination. So, if the ones you have contrast each other, then you shouldn’t layer them, because they may end up looking horrible on your nails.


Try a rough draft first:

This is very important; before you apply any polish on your nails, try out the combinations on plain paper. By doing this, you’ll get an idea whether the combo will suit your beauty desires or not.

Beauty treatment photo of nice manicured woman fingernails. Very nice feminine nail art with nice pink and white nail polish.

It‘s OKAY to mix different textures:

For instance, if you are layering a cream with a shimmer, ensure that the cream is at the bottom though. Being pretty opaque, creams will just blot out a lighter shimmer and make it look muddy, which you don’t want.

Forget about layering metallic polishes:

They’re just too opaque. If you need to create a rose gold, for instance, you will have a better chance physically blending a pinkish and a golden polish and then applying the new color to your nails. Layering makes magic.


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