Top 7 Insanely Cute Hair-Color You Should Try This Summer

Hair salon. Coloring.

Gorgeous Cotton-candy pink, the new coppery red, the famous sun-kissed blonde as well as laid-back blonde — indeed, celebs are making us envy the incredible hair-colors. So, we don’t want you to be left behind. That’s why we are here to help zero in on your options with a refined edit of cool new hair colors if you want to get inspired this season.


Hair salon. Coloring.

Soft Brown

If you want to brighten up your entire face, then find safety in the soft brown color. It will flawlessly highlight your looks and make you stand out. Try it and share your thoughts.

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Dark Blonde

Dark blonde is a great way to stamp your authority in the hair beauty sphere. So, if you want to try something new go for the highlighted-blonde bob, it’s one of our favorites.


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Pastel Pink

Pastel pink, which was just a wig, can redefine your looks and add a little glamour to your style.

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What about trying blonde?

If you aren’t sure whether to choose blonde or brown hues for your hair, then I think you should take inspiration from great celebs like Gigi Hadid and go for a color which is somewhere in between.


If you didn’t know that pastel hair coloring is still on trend, then ask Kelly Osborne. Grab the idea this summer and make it more edgy with a shaved head.

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Almost Black

It looks like everyone, including celebs, is going the dark way this summer — a clinical departure from those usual bottle blondes that have been in the market for the entire spring. So, go for chocolate brown hair to make you feel prettier than ever.

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Go nuts with the sun-kissed blonde

Ciara's hair is not ombre. True. Well, it is kind of, but it is more subtle than those past alliterations that are trending now. So, try the brightest blonde highlights to frame your face, making you look fresher as well as wide awake.

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The coppery-copper red

If you want to transform from blonde to red then back again –you better start making this coppery hue your favorite shade right away. It will brighten up your entire face.


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