Rocking This Fall: The Beauty Trends You Should Try Today

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The runways for last Fall were filled with glamorous activities. Bright blue as well as turquoise for your eyes? Yep! Some Moody lip hues? Just bring it on. However, these styles were exceptional, but you need to make them part of your daily makeup routine. And forever. I’m not remotely joking. Get it from me: Fresh, timeless skin; an audacious, dominant lip; plus long, mind-blowing lashes are the types of looks that’ll always be in, irrespective of what is happening on or off the runway.


No matter your style, these classics will work for you. Whether it’s grungy, the nineties or a shiny golden shimmer, count on them to deliver, immensely. We’ve got the lowdown for sure a flawless look.

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Fresh, Flawless Skin


For perfect bare-faced looks, start off with prepping your skin. It all comes down to taking good care of that face of yours: clean it, exfoliate it, and moisturize it thoroughly.

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The Makeup

If you want a no makeup look, ditch your usual foundation & go lighter. In this case, I recommend The BB cream. It is a matte and will effectively hide all those imperfections without making you look too heavy with clogging pores. Ignore your foundation brush and use the fingers. Your hand’s warmth will help melt into the skin better.


Blend Well


Add a lighter concealer under your eyes—this time again, using your fingers. Use the ring finger and don’t forget to pat in nicely. Pat and blend. But ensure that you wash- dry the hands before applying it.

Makeup and artificial eyelashes

Long, Fluttering Lashes

 Major lash looks are a great thing. After all, who does not love thick lashes? Before applying any mascara, just be sure that the lashes are clean. Go for stuff that are really gentle. Remember, you’re likely to have less volume if you lose more lashes. Live by these wise words!

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Bold, Powerful Lip

 Nowadays, anything can go with lipsticks. Pursue the intense black shade way. Alternatively, keep it classic by trying the nice red. But the most important thing is to line- fill the lip with the same lipstick color.


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