Darker Skin Tone? Here Is How To Find An Impeccable Nude Nail Polish

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You’ve stood before nail polish aisles and maybe played the guessing game. Yes: ogling at shades, applying polishes near the hand (barometer-like), only to be disappointed when you wear them it at home. Even the famous nude collections featuring curated colors (catering for an array of skin tones are either unflattering, bad, or too pale. Ok, perhaps I am a tad too dramatic, but let us be sincere here: finding a perfect nail polish for your dark skin tone can be hard.


Since all nudes are not created equal, it might become a nightmare trying to find the right polish for your complexion? To help you out, I am going to enlist the best nail expert advice to take you to the right direction.

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First, Study Your Nail Beds

The first step should be to examine your nail beds by viewing them in natural light to establish the best hues to enhance your complexion. Look at your unpolished nail bed.

In most cases, nail beds are either pink, white or take the color of your skin. Thus, look for a nude polish, which matches your skin tone. Don’t forget to also look at the cuticles.

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Understand your undertones

Understanding your undertones will help you play them up perfectly. So, look at your skin undertone to establish whether you are cool (you have a pink base), warm (your base is yellow), or olive (the base is green).Remember, going for a color which is opposite to your skin’s natural will make things worse. For instance, don’t go for Violet if your skin undertone is yellow. It will make your skin even more yellow.

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Pay attention to your finish

Your finish is important. For instance, a sheer polish is likely to give classic manicured looks. On the flip side, an opaque finish can be trendy, but momentarily. So, when choosing them, ensure that the opacity is all right for you. Since some skin tones cannot handle that opacity its, thus, advisable to go natural.


If you choose to be more daring, go for a matte finish. A nude matte –especially for long nails-can bring the sexiness from you.

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Layer your lacquer in style

Don't shy away from mix-matching or layering different shades. In fact, this can give [your nails] a sheer glossy look because of that metallic.

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Break the tradition

Never limit yourself when it comes to pink or beige: You can go gold, purple as well as taupe since they are also considered nude. Depending on the tone of your skin, certain types of the mauves, such as a deep mauve, can look so gorgeous on darker skin tones.


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