Cat Chat: Understand Your Feline’s Language

Cat talking on the phone. Isolated on white.

Vital clues like his eye’s look, the tone of his voice, his ears’ position and his tail’s motion can reveal his feelings plus intentions. Thus, you should learn how to read these signals to know what's on his mind.


Cat on the phone with a can. Isolated on white.


 You will learn how to interpret his wide vocabulary of chirps plus meows. He will tell you when he wants to get up, feeling affectionate, threatened, or pain.


 Meow is a multi-purpose word. Your cat might be saying "meow" to greet you ("hey, how is the going'?"). He might be issuing a command ("I need more food"). He might also be objecting to something ("I will bite you if you touch me ") or announcing an issue ("Here is the mouse"). 

Chirps and Trills

 An older mother will always use chirps and trills to tell the kids to follow her. So, when your cat produces these sounds, he is actually telling you to follow him (especially to his food bowl). If you’ve more than one feline, you will often witness them communicate with each other.


 Another great sign you should familiarize yourself with is purring. Usually, purring is taken as a sign of contentment). Cats will always purr whenever they are happy, especially when they are eating. However, cats may purr because they are anxious, sick, or they get some comfort from purring. It is like a kid sucking their thumb.


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Growling, Hissing or Spitting

 These three sounds indicate that your cat is annoyed, frightened, aggravated, or even angry. So, leave him alone.

Young woman speeking on her beautifu white cat

A Yowl or Howl

 Yowls and howls sounds are normally loud. They are drawn-out meows-types of sounds intended to inform you that your cat is distressed —for instance, stuck in a closet and is looking for help. So, try locating him if you hear these sounds.



Chattering, Chittering & Twittering 

 These are sounds that cats make when they are sitting in windows watching birds and squirrels. This might be an exaggeration sign "killing bite," that cats make when they grab their prey and work their claws and teeth into flesh and through the bones as they snap them.


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