Embrace These Fashion Upgrades and You’ll Look Classy

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A sturdy handbag plus matching shoes are basic fashion you can wear to looks classy. These two, plus more others have been some of the most dependable fashion upgrades you can rely upon to look gorgeous.

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A sturdy handbag

Provided that you have made responsible provisions, a quality handbag can be a worthy investment. Get one featuring a classic design (you can try something structured top-handle one and a cross-body for office and weekend respectively), but of a neutral color. Also, remember to keep your dream bag shiny. You can achieve this using Windex or patented leather. Use unscented body lotion on all leather bags, except patent leather ones.

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Add a freshly kept fragrance


A luxe fragrance that matches your style will make your outfit look complete. So, be sure to find a scent of your choice. Then gently apply it on your skin (but never to your clothing and hair) at the pulse points. Since heat rises, it is important that you apply some perfume to your lower half of the body in addition to the wrists, neck, and even the elbows.


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Wear classy, weighty accessories


An inexpensive jewelry, if chosen well, might end up giving your outfit a real boost. Go for clearer crystals instead of plastic gemstones. Also, opt for darker metals over unreasonably shiny ones.


Young beautiful brunette walking and enjoying old city. She is wearing brown coat because is cold. On head she has nice stylish black hat. As an addition she has black handbag.

Collect classic coats

 Irrespective of what you have got underneath, an elegant jacket will make an instant impact on your outfit. Focus on buying classic closet staples since they are likely to last for long. For instance, a belted trench coat, a fabulous black leather jacket, a nice raw denim, as well as a navy black pea coat won’t go out of fashion.


Other golden tips

You should also:

  • Pay attention to detail as far as your outfit is concerned
  • Take them to the tailor
  • Use a steamer
  • Avoid earthy colors
  • Embrace minimal makeup as well as neutral nails
  • Match the shoes with your bag

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