Little Known Cat Grooming Tips And Tricks

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Cat grooming is a common pet care practice every cat owner should get acquainted with. Just as you need those massaging, your cat, too, needs the same. Grooming will help your kitten have a healthy coat, control parasites, and reinforce social bonds.


The power of starting early

Grooming is one of the best ways you can use to build a good relationship with your cat since it mimics that mother-baby social bonds. So, it is prudent to start establishing good grooming practices early on.

Let her play with the brush

Any pet is nervous of anything new, for instance, when you brush her. So, you can help her relax through permitting her to play with grooming tools (comb & brush) – and she’ll get used to them in no time. Stroke her gently all over – especially on the stomach and around those hard-to-reach areas


The process-How to groom

Before you use the brush & comb, stroke her gently. Then proceed by combing through your kitten’s coat--starting from the head through to the tail. But be gentle with the head. Remember to check your cat’s coat and skin condition to see whether there’re signs and symptoms of fleas or parasites. You can then brush her fur to get rid of any dead hair.

Dealing with the terrible tangles

You can tease out tangled hair using your fingers. Also, make sure to remove terrible tangles before conducting any grooming procedure. Remember, regularly grooming your cat will minimize the occurrence of terrible tangles.

Clear eyes & ears

Once you’re through with brushing her, check the eyes and ears for any dirt. If you realize that her eyes are weepy, get a cotton ball that has been moistened using warm water and carefully clean the eyes and ears.

Healthy teeth is key

Always ensure that your cat’s teeth are clean & free from food deposits. Moreover, the gums should be pink in color. Pro tip: Check her mouth on a regular basis for this helps her get used to it.

Classy claws are part of cat grooming

To get the best of her claws, bring a scratching post into question. It will act as a file for the claws.


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