The Best Tips for Applying Foundation

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Foundation- it’s the most important canvas for all your makeup, but the technique often seems to be shrouded in mystery. Choosing the right products and knowing how to apply them accordingly is something you need to get down to science so as to achieve that perfect, yet miraculously beautiful skin. With the following makeup tricks, you’re good to go!


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Remove all makeup and cleanse

Using a cotton pad, remove all makeup and cleanse your skin with clean water. It’s best to ensure that your face is completely prepped before applying moisturizer. Hope you already knew that. Even if you are not wearing makeup, you shouldn’t skip this step as it will help eliminate dirt and grime, leaving your skin fresh and moisturized.

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Moisturize and apply foundation

This sounds quite obvious, right? But it’s very important to moisturize your skin after cleansing. Using your hands, gently press the cream onto your skin. If you are on the oily side, consider using a gel-based moisturizer and apply using a foundation brush. It’s that simple.


When it comes to selecting a formula, go for something a bit natural, with a flawless finish. You can never go wrong with the luminous silk foundation. Start from the center of your face and blend out.

Gently Blend in a Rolling Motion

Begin with a beauty blender because it helps soften the sponge and doesn’t absorb any of the foundation you’re applying on your face. Blend the product in a rolling motion and gently press it onto your skin.

Conceal those blemishes

Tap on a concealer to hide any spots or redness that is coming through. Use your finger to do this so as to achieve maximum coverage of the blemish.

Set, and set again

Once you have successfully applied foundation, you need to set using a translucent powder. With a soft, natural hair brush, tap any excess makeup off then apply the setting powder on the areas which look shiny: under the eye, on the chin, between the brows, and around the nose. Don’t over-powder!

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Congratulations- your skin is now glowing and you’ve that movie star skin you’ve been dying for- own it.


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