Cleaning Your Dog's Ears, Why it's Important

Ear examine by the veterinarian

Some dogs have big floppy ears that collect all sorts of dirt and debris throughout the day, especially if he's the active, outdoor type. Most dogs are, after all. Those ears don't clean themselves, and without proper airflow to help remove some of the gunk that finds its way in, your dog might develop ear infections. It's best to start ear cleaning when your pup is young so you can get him used to the practice while grooming him. Here are a few items to get started:


•   High-quality canine ear cleaner

•   Cotton wool (not cotton balls)

•   Treats

Hearing checkup of labrador dog in vet ambulance

Hearing checkup of labrador dog in vet ambulance

Find a quiet space that is easy to clean afterward. I like to clean my dog's ears in the back yard when the weather is agreeable. Begin by giving your dog a treat and showing him the ear cleaner. He'll eventually get used to this process and know what to expect when he sees that cleaner. Get into a comfortable position with your dog to fill his ear with the solution. I've always found getting behind and slightly to the side works best. You don't want to hold your dog down and always be gentle. Eventually, you'll get good at this and be quick. Both you and your dog will like that.  

Hand to the ear cleaning of dog

Squeeze a liberal amount of solution into your dog's ear, so it moves down the ear canal and lightly massages the base of the ear. The massaging will help break up any wax, dirt, or debris currently inside your dog's ear canal. After about 20 seconds or so, let go and your dog will shake his head pretty hard to remove the solution. After he's calmed down, take the wool and clean the inside of the ear flap for any bits and pieces. However, you never want to stick cotton or your finger in your dog's ear canal because this might push the build-up further down.

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Repeat this method on the other side and don't forget the treats and praise. You don't want this to feel like punishment to your dog but it will be a mild annoyance. Although my pooch isn't a big fan of ear cleaning, we can get through it in about two minutes, and he's back to playing.


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