How To Style Up The Girlfriend Jean

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Happy SUMMERTIME Girlfriends! It is time to hang out with your favorite feminine pals in your life. It’s June!  Summer is around the corner! Days are longer. Your children are off from their schools. I do not know what you’re anticipating, but am sure you don’t want to waste even a minute. Perhaps, you are thinking spoiling yourself with your girlfriends.

But hey, how do you go about your outfit?

Well, Mr. Fashion has something for you! Go skinnies!


While everybody has her go-to pair of skinnies, the current trends are very rife when it comes to giving skinny jeans a real run for their bucks. Among them is the denim fashion. Yes, the girlfriend jean.

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Understanding the girlfriend jeans

The girlfriend jean tends to sit a little higher on the waist than a skinny jean. However, it is more leg fitted. Ideal for spring plus summer, these types of jeans are kind of tapered and cropped, thus, making it easy to show off a bit of ankle in that favorite strappy sandals of yours

Many guys are hesitant when it comes to trying new denim cuts because they fear “pulling them off.” So, if you are intrigued by this (I mean the girlfriend jean), but you’re green on how to style them this summer, read on.

They are all about fashion as well as comfort.


Dress them up gal!

If you are worried that the girlfriend‘s jeans relaxed fit might make your looks sloppy, dress them up with heeled shoes or pointy toe flats. They will elongate your legs and make you look sexy and comfy!

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Edge them up

Girlfriend jeans are synonymous with giving that “cool gal” vibe. Well, you know, the attitude, which springs from a charming girl who doesn’t care what others think about her. So, up that attitude by accessorizing your outfit with biker boots or even a moto jacket. You will feel edgy people will brand you a “bad influence.”

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Business casual

If you want something between business and casual, then take cover in business-casual style by balancing those relaxed-fit jeans of yours with a tailored blouse/ blazer. Pair your outfit with classical comfortable flats or even stylish oxfords. Then spice up everything with a cool statement necklace.

Other great ideas

Keep it chill by pulling off a loose T-shirt. You can then pair the jeans with a long sweater and go bold with some strappy, zebra-print styled heels. Then kill it off with a cute scarf.


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