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August Hair

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The middle of August marks the 48th anniversary of the music festival that changed everything, Woodstock. I can’t think about the countercultural revolution and this festival without getting all choked up on nostalgia. So, to pay homage to the generation of Americans who dared to question, dared to challenge, and dared to be true to themselves, I decided to break out my best hippie hair looks. 

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OK, it might sound a little shallow to recognize the power of human in a hairstyle, but it’s a feel-good thing for me. Plus, the style is messy and unkempt. I’m going to take any chance I can get to let my long hair down in a near tangled mess or braid it off to the side with big, loose plaits. Here are just some ways you can get the same carefree, hippie hair look this August too.

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The truth is, hippie hair look only needs a few things, a headband, bandana, or flowers. The style is worn loose, flowing, and always natural looking. Wear it in loose waves but nothing too smooth. Mess your hair up a bit with your hands and flip your hair upside down to shake out any remnants of smooth waves. Add a vibrant colored headband as a crown across your forehead to complete the look. 

You can also wear your hair bone straight, which will look smooth and shiny. Part your hair right down the middle and left the long curtains of hair fall flat down. This style hair is perfect for a leather headband you can tie off. Feathers and dangling beads adorning your headband will dress up the smooth look.

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If you’re outside all day enjoying the last days of summer, consider making your own headband. Find a lovely meadow or a spot where you can pick wildflowers of all different colors. You want to pick the flowers that have long, flexible stems for your crown. Braid flowers together in a row to create a loose crown for your head. Of course, this is just for the day, but the look can transform anyone into a flower child.     


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