Amusing Manicure Styles That’ll Make You Sparkle

Lilac purple manicure with gold glitter and rhinestones in different colors on a purple background.


Nothing is as glamorous as adding a bit of glitter! If you are in the mood for a detailed nail makeover, but you aren’t sure how to get the most out of it, glitter is probably what you need. And you ask yourself, how do I make it more classy and unique than just ordinary sparkly nail lacquer? Don’t worry. I have carefully selected some of the best styles for you. Check them out to get some inspiration!

Wedding nail art with camomiles

Light sparkling French: Try it now!

Subtle sparkles featuring solid white tips will take your manicure to the next level. The French nail polish is cozy, stylish, and flawless. It will give you that glowing look you’ve been dying for. Try it out and watch your fingers and toes sparkle in amazing beauty.

Golden maroon French manicure on woman's hands are rectangular.

Gold glitter nail beds won’t disappoint

This style entails adding a little bit of glitter at your nail beds for a hint of sparkle. It’s extraordinarily attractive! If you’re going for a BBQ or night out with your boyfriend, paint your nail beds with glittering gold. And the first thing he’ll tell you when you meet is” OMG! You’re looking damn beautiful!” It’s true, trust me.


Fading glitter tips will look pretty good

If you want a classy look, concentrate glitter at your finger tips and fade it gradually towards your clear-polished nail beds. This color scheme drives attention on the glitter instead of distracting the eye with so much color. But if you don’t like the idea of the French manicure, you can try a neon tip and fit all the sparkles on each of your nails instead. Matching the base-color to your glittering nail tips creates a spectacular contrast without breaking consistency.

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What about glittering confetti on black?

What’s more fun than regular glitter? Rainbow confetti glitter is awesome! Pick a simple solid-colored base lacquer, black for instance, and try out something more unique and stylish.


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